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2 Comments on "Demonstrative evidence: friend or foe?"

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Being that visual communication is accepted as a more effective method of communication, as opposed to verbal, demonstrative evidence becomes a powerful weapon in the arsenal of a litigation attorney when communicating their case theory to a jury. What’s more, demonstrative evidence can even be used effectively assist the court understand facts in an intricate and technical case. However, something that all attorneys must also keep their eye on, is the ultimate costs in the case. If a case is before the Court at a litigation trial phase, chances are it has already run up significant costs. Demonstrative evidence, by… Read more »
Demonstrative evidence is a wave that cannot be stopped. Not only has its use become prevalent; it is now the norm. Decades of evidence touting the exponentially higher effectiveness of coupling verbal with visual communications for understanding, retention, etc., alone guarantee that demonstrative evidence will remain in the trial sphere of legal work for the foreseeable future. Although previously decided on other grounds, one would be prudent to keep in mind Commonwealth v. Serge; for both its test of admissibility as well as the questions such a case raises about the differing solvency levels of defendants so often seen at… Read more »