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1 year ago

Overall, the discussion of this topic was very intriguing, as it encompasses the topics of patent, sports integrity, and technology in the running shoe industry.  I recall back when the new Hoka shoes began trending, but also became controversial because of their high price tag and ugliness. Celebrities and podiatrists gave rave reviews about how good the Hoka running and walking shoes were due to their construction with a walking-on-a-cloud experience and the effect on people with foot, knee, and back problems.  Famous U.S. runners also donned Hoka running shoes at the Tokyo Olympics in 2020.  According to some, Hoka… Read more »

1 year ago

The article explores the emergence of “super shoes” in the world of professional distance running and the controversy surrounding them. These shoes, developed by major sportswear companies, have incorporated carbon plates and engineered mesh uppers that promise to provide greater energy return and increased running economy. However, many consider them to be a form of “mechanical doping,” and regulations have been put in place to prevent and monitor this form of doping by sports and rules federations globally. The article also highlights the ongoing legal battle between Nike and Adidas, with Nike claiming that Adidas has stolen their patented Flyknit… Read more »

1 year ago

This was a very interesting piece. I would imagine that the majority of people who exercise do not care about what kind of shoe they’re wearing as long as it’s comfortable, affordable, and cute. However, a lot of people are also huge running enthusiasts and care about the shoe that they’re wearing. Specifically, they are concerned more about what the shoe does for them in terms of improving their running ability and time and their health, particularly the wellbeing of their feet and leg muscles. So, I can imagine that a lot of people would read this and think “how… Read more »

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