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2 Comments on "Intellectual Property Implications for the Booming E-sports Industry"

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A huge problem for e-sports is creating a durable, governing infrastructure that works with all of the different issues that arise in e-sports. There are many complications with e-sports at the regional and international levels, partially because there are only a few real national organizations and there are no true governing structures for this gaming environment. Another issue in e-sports arises from broadcasting regulation involving companies such as Twitch. Any league and broadcasters will have their own rules and regulations regarding certain tournaments and games in regard to how they will be broadcasted. The E-sports Integrity Coalition was co-founded by… Read more »
The field of eSports is a fledgling field in an already existing industry. While regulation related to traditional sports is already well established, eSports has recently come to the forefront as a new digital phenomenon bursting with potential for evolution beyond the existing regime. eSports pose a myriad of questions that simply aren’t present in the typical sports domain, but before they can be answered, the basics of eSports regulation must be put in place with one of the most contentious issues being gambling. eSports viewership is predicted to rise from 292M in 2016 to 427M in 2019[1] and it… Read more »