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2 Comments on "Publication: Graffiti – Legal Copyright or Illegal Vandalism?"

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I thought it was very bold for the developer to argue that 5Pointz was not well-known while keeping its name and showcasing street-style decor “in memory” of the destroyed exhibit. In my opinion, the developer keeping the arts’ name and keeping décor “in memory” of the art demonstrates the value and “well-knowness” of the art. The developer’s decision to hastily remove the art without warning to the artists was unwise. It should have more carefully analyzed the risks and benefits before removing the art. In this case, one bad oversight ended up causing the developer millions of dollars. Although some… Read more »
The historical precedent set by the Court of Appeals Second Circuit in 2020 has changed the legal landscape for nonconventional artists. Graffiti art in New York has been around for decades, and it is finally being treated and appreciated as any other form of recognized and priced art under the law. It is no longer simply the trade of the streets or “vandalism,” but a form of creative expression that people respect and value, and now legally protected. I am interested to see new cases that will arise and the future legal implications of destroying forms of art with recognized… Read more »