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Corporate Attorney

Corporate Law


If you are a corporate or business entity, looking for an experienced, outside law firm to represent and advance your business interests as your Corporate Counsel, then look no further than the LAW FIRM OF DAYREL SEWELL, PLLC. You need Corporate Counsel that is dynamic, and geared to excel in todays quick paced environment. Your Corporate Counsel needs to possess litigation, transactional, negotiation, keen writing and interpersonal skills to ensure your business is represented to the fullest. Typically, a Corporate Counsel’s duties include:


  • Negotiating employee contracts
  • Preparing and filing government reports
  • Drafting legal documents
  • Reviewing new business relationships with vendors and subcontractors
  • Guiding managers on regulatory and compliance matters
  • Administering training workshops
  • Formulating employee handbooks
  • Analyzing legal issues relating to proposed products
  • Representing the corporation before administrative boards and court trials
  • Providing supervision to outside lawyers hired to assist the corporation with their specialized legal services
  • Structuring joint enterprises with other organizations


At the LAW FIRM OF DAYREL SEWELL, PLLC, our experience and skills serves the legal needs of your corporation so that you can focus on the smooth and successful operation of your business activities, and leave the legalese to us.